Since the vision of Power2Inspire is that everyone should be able to play sport together, we want to work with everyone, partnering with as many groups and individuals as possible to ensure no one is left on the bench. To help us achieve our vision we are focused on making a difference in our local communities by targeting a select group of organisations:


Our Power House Games cover so much of the curriculum. Each session extends the students’ sports knowledge – they learn how to play less familiar sports like boccia, new age kurling, goalball and sitting volleyball – but they also teach teamwork, communication skills, diversity and cultural awareness. The session builds confidence, develops independence and breaks down barriers and assumptions. A Power House Games is therefore complementary to teaching of PHSE, for example.

We work with all types of school – state and independent, primary and secondary, mainstream and special needs.  We have a Power House Games to suit your needs and budget.  We create each Games to fit your school’s size, age group and facilities, bringing coaches to teach and lead the activities.

If you are a pupil, a parent, a governor, a teacher, or an assistant and would like to find out more about running a Power House Games click here…

Community groups

The government constantly urges communities to work more closely together. One of its latest programmes, “will focus on offering personalised schemes to improve people’s health and general wellbeing” (DCLG 6 April 2017). Power House Games, as they are truly accessible to all, offer a fun way to break down barriers and encourage people into activity.  We regularly help to facilitate Games across the region for those who otherwise would not be involved in any sporting activity, as well as partnering with other organisations that help bring people of all abilities together through sport.

If you would like to find out more about our Community Power House Games or book a Games for your group or community centre then please click here…

Sports clubs

We support clubs to develop inclusive sections or separate clubs. Cambridge City Hockey Club and Cambridge Rugby Club are example partners and we are working with both to encourage greater involvement in sport by the whole community. We also work with other sports organisations to promote sport for all

If your club is interested in exciting the wider community to join up then contact us.