Accountants, Students and Rugby Players - what a mix!

Power2Inspire hosted the first ever Power House Games at the Cambridge University Sports Centre on Friday 21 September.  There were 72 participants drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, and the majority of them were doing Power House Games for the first time!

PEM, the “Leading independent firm of Accountants, Tax and Business Advisers based in Cambridge” sponsored the event and encouraged 15 members of staff to volunteer, 12 of whom captained the teams;

There were 24 university rugby squad players, 12 men and 12 women; and students from Castle, Felsted and Impington schools.

Each team of six, named after the teams in the Rugby Premiership (to capture the rugby theme), comprised one player from each of these groups and were decked out in 12 different coloured T-shirts.

The aim was to have fun and that they did!

‘I loved the event on Friday – I thought it was such a great way for people of different backgrounds and schools to interact with one another and play sport. The Cambridge students were great at making sure everyone was included and having fun.’

‘All in all it was a really great and rewarding day. It was so nice to be part of something different and inclusive and even though I thought I’d feel out of my depth I actually thoroughly enjoyed it from the start.’

‘The Power House Games was a great event… I was nervous about doing some activities that I had never done before but they were well explained and easy to participate in. I had fun meeting everyone and getting to know the children of all abilities. Everyone looked like they had a great time and I would definitely recommend this to everyone… – no sporting prowess needed at all!!’

‘It has been a real eye-opener to see how the community can come together and to see how people with such a variety of disabilities can live their lives. It was the sort of event that restores my faith in humanity.’

‘Confirmed the positive influence sport can have on your mood.’

The Games, seed corn funded by the John Stewart Memorial Fund (through the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation), showcased Power2Inspire’s mission – “Inclusion through sport” to magnificent effect, with teams drawn from hugely varied backgrounds, abilities and ages, coming together to play inclusive and adapted sports.


We can’t wait to organise the next one!