Cambridge Festival of Inclusive Golf 2018

We had a fabulous Festival of Inclusive Golf on Friday 29 June at the Cambridge Lakes Golf Course, a beautiful par 3 9-hole gem, tucked away off Trumpington Road in Cambridge. The whole idea is to play golf in a friendly, relaxed manner, in mixed ability teams, so that everyone is included.

The 10 teams therefore included at least one disabled player.  We play a team game called Texas Scramble.  Each player hits the first shot, then the team selects the best one and all four players play their shot from this spot (three moving their ball to this one).  After the second shot the process is repeated, and again with the third, fourth and more shots.  This allows everyone to play every shot, and from hopefully good positions.  Whatever ability someone has there is always a chance their shot will count.

I was thrilled with the range of players.  Sharon, a blind player, was the star player, for most of the round for Don Hutchinson’s team, TriHard.  Mark Thornton took round three youngsters from Castle Special School to a commendable team score of 53.  Nick Barrett used his buggy to get about the course and then walked to his ball to hit it one handed.  His father, a keen golfer, commented how lovely it was to be able to play golf with his son. Les and Anne were very keen golfers until injury and operations took their toll: despite their rustiness their partnership with David and Janet proved fruitful as they won.  Alex, representing CADMuS, played the shot of the day, a one-handed 20-foot putt!


Sherwood Scientific, a local company, were happy to join in.  Jon Copsey, their manager, played in my team and claimed he had great fun, though he is a complete novice.  We started really well with my friend Chris Smith, whom I had met through Handball, hitting the green with his first shot; I then rolled in the putt for a two! Sadly, that was as good as it got!


A big thank you to Bob Barnes, the course owner, who made the very generous donation of gifting the venue hire for the afternoon.  Our volunteers were tremendous: Mick Shortland took the photographs in the following gallery; Carolyn Shortland who created order at registration; Lindsay, my wife, who stepped in to run the barbecue so expertly; and Adrienne Engelman, Power2inspire’s very own golf coach, who managed to give tips to every single player, except me, as I escaped her eagle eyes!


To conclude here are some of the comments we received: “We really enjoyed your Festival last night, and everyone else seemed to do so”; “My golf needs work but I am having a great time”; “I didn’t realise there was a blind player”.

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