"Fun, inspiration and bants!"Power2Inspire at The Perse

The Year 8s from the Perse Upper School let their hair down, celebrating the end of their internal exams with a “Power House Games” day.  We introduced the 140 pupils to 6 new sports and games: Boccia, New Age Kurling, Polecat, Visually Impaired Football, Goalball and Sitting Volleyball.  all designed to be inclusive, these sports demonstrate that sport can be for everyone.


One pupils commented: “I have learnt that disabilities don’t mean that you can’t do sports”.


Teachers and some of the school’s charity committee members from Year 12 joined in.  Sitting volleyball was a favourite, but the trust and learning from the goalball and VI football – “I have now realised how hard it is to be blind!” – made them popular too; though the pupils were adamant not one should be dropped as each sport had something for someone.  It also became competitive with great enthusiasm shown for playing within a class for one’s tutor against the other tutor group.

The new Performing Arts Centre studio where I showed off my ‘gadgets”

In the afternoon the year were split into three groups, to watch Dave Weir’s Paralympic video, look at my Road2Rio gadgets (see the video here) and design some gadgets to help my life, and to participate in the Inclusive Kilometre.  My favourite ideas for designs (whether they are practical or not!) were: a flame-thrower to heat up my knife for cutting my food; a straw from the kitchen to my office so I did not have to carry my hot coffee mug; a pizza cutter designed for paper cutting; a hat to hold coffee mugs with tubes to the mouth; and a mat with bumps to prevent food sliding from my knife.

The inclusive kilometre satisfyingly wore them out, while posing the challenge of being inclusive.  This time around I noted a number of crutches!

To finish we invited the pupils in groups of five to commit on their day and reflect on what they had learned: “Inclusive sports are fun to play”, “We learned so much about the different ways sports and everyday objects can be changed for them to be able to be used”, “Fun and interesting x 3”, “Educational”, “Inspiring” (8 times), “Fun” (14 times!), “Thrilling”, and “We all had fun all day!”

Thank you the Perse Upper School Year 8s.  I a returning on Wednesday to give a talk to the whole school assembly as they are making a donation from their Non-uniform day to Power2inspire.