We are humbled by our special supporters who go the extra mile to fundraise for us. You help support the work we do in schools and in our Festivals of Inclusive Sport. You promote inclusive sport further afield and enable more people to learn about us and our mission: that no-one is left on the bench. Most of all, you inspire us every day!

We’d like to honour some of our brilliant fundraisers here. Hopefully, they will inspire you to take up the baton and create your own ways to have fun as you raise much needed money for our activities!

Ready to Fundraise?

Darren with scenery

Darren Lunz - The Sani Stagger South Africa 2022!

With an elevation gain of 1,300 metres, fundraiser Darren Lunz recently took on the fearsome 42.2km Sani Stagger – the steepest marathon in Southern Africa based between South Africa and Lesotho.

“The special people I connected with during the race – all united by slogging up a massive mountain – and remembering that I was doing this for a great cause, pushed me through the continuous climbs and difficult moments.”

Darren added that during the run, he was reminded about the power of sport and its ability to create positive change: “overcoming challenges gives us important self-belief and unites us – it’s the ultimate victory. It was a pleasure fundraising for Power2Inspire and I look forward to doing more events in the future.”

Sarah Scott - Tomato Plant Sale!

‘I work at St Faith’s School in Cambridge in the Learning Support Department. In January, some of our children took part in a PowerHouseGames at the Cambridge University Sports Centre along side other schools and the University Rugby League and Netball Teams. St Faith’s was a team member down and I had arrived wearing my PE Kit, so I was subbed into the school team. I guess I was at a disadvantage, being 50+, asthmatic and unfit! It was a totally empowering experience and I loved every aspect of each game I played in. Seated netball was a revelation. I was on an absolute high (but exhausted) when we finished but to see the joy on every competitors face as well as the determination and resilience of the children was something I will never forget. I came home from work that day and told my family all about what I had been doing. My daughter, Harriet, who regularly holds a charity tomato plant sale, decided there and then Power2Inspire had to be this year’s chosen charity’.

Katherine Rutherford - Cambridge Half Marathon 2021!

Katherine, a 39 year-old mum of two, raised a whopping £650 for Power2Inspire when she ran the Cambridge half-marathon. The beauty of the run through Cambridge and the support given by the crowds were one of the key reasons as to why Katherine said she would recommend this fundraising experience to other people. But even more than that, it was about making herself proud. She proved to herself that ‘going from running 5k to 21k is something you can do’, regardless of the fact that she wasn’t the sportiest at school.

The fact that this charity is based around inclusive sport was also a fundamental reason as to why Katherine chose Power2Inspire, having seen the difference that inclusivity made to her own visually-impaired niece.

You can read more about Katherine’s fundraising journey by clicking the photo

Morris de Bortoli - Run Everyone 2021!

Morris took part in the Cambridge ‘Run Everyone’ event during the lockdown of 2021. Entrants were asked to run alone every day through March to raise money for charity. Morris ran an incredible 426kms throughout the month and raised over £300 for Power2Inspire!

“I have always been practising sport and I recognised the influence that it has on the psychophysical well-being. I also see sport as a great opportunity to socialise and be part of something. In view of this, I strongly believe and wish for everyone to have easy access to sports activities. I am proud to have been involved with P2I in this fundraising event. It was not easy but our Captain John gave me the enthusiasm to double all the goals that I had set up at the beginning. All of this makes you realise how even a small action has got the potential to change someone else’s life.”

Don Hutchison - World Ironman Championships!

At the young age of 72 Don ran the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii for us!  This included a 3.8km sea swim, 180 km bike ride and 42km marathon run, which is a phenomenal achievement.  His description of the extreme heat, the strong crosswinds (a real devil on the bike) and his fear of not beating the cut-off time are truly inspirational. He firmly believes that “Age, like any other ‘disability’, needs not be a barrier to keeping the body and mind fit and healthy.” Don was proud to raise over £6,500 for Power2Inspire as he is passionate about encouraging inclusive sport.

Edward Delville-Jones - Cycling from Kings to Kings!

Edward – then of King’s College School, Cambridge – galvanised a group of fellow pupils and parents to cycle from King’s Lynn to King’s College Chapel – Kings to Kings.  Edward explained, “I wanted to organise this event as I want everyone to be able to do sport together; disability and poverty exclude and segregate people. Many of my happiest memories at school are playing sport with my friends, and I hope this cycle ride can be another happy memory from King’s, raising money with my friends for good causes.”

Justin Ott - Two marathons in one year!

Justin had a bet with his brother that he would run two half marathons within the calendar year. By December, Justin was running out of time, so we asked Don Hutchinson (above) to help. Justin ran the second half marathon out from the Future Business Centre in Cambridge, where Power2Inspire and Spark Technology (Justin’s business) were based. Don cycled alongside Justin, encouraging him through the 13.5 miles. Justin has also been an enthusiastic supporter of our Festivals of Inclusive Golf.

There are loads of things YOU could do!

If you really want to be extreme you could take a leaf out of Ian Hunneybell’s book!  He undertook the Half Marathon des Sables: 114 kms through the desert over four days!  For a more accessible option, Julie Kerdavec held a Crepe Sale, raising £150 from pancakes.

The most important things are to do what you love and to Have Fun! 

Inspired? Then Get Involved!

If you are interested in fundraising for Power2Inspire we would love to hear from you. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event, how many people are involved, or how long it will take, we want to know how you could inspire others! If it’s your own idea for an event – fantastic! We love imaginative and fun events like cake sales, car clean-a-thon, sponsored silences!! If it’s a pre-organised event (swim/cycle/walk/run) we might be able to apply for an entry for you, as event organisers often offer charities discounted places.

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