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Two brand new Games2Inspire events in Oxford!

On Monday June 25th, and Tuesday June 26th, we returned to Oxford for two Games2Inspire events!

On Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting St. Christopher’s Church of England Primary School. The school’s diversity was immediately evident, with a board displaying “Welcome” in thirty languages upon my arrival! This display highlighted the inclusive environment fostered by the school’s dedicated teachers.

A special shout out must go to the Year 5 group, whose enthusiasm and teamwork during our sitting netball session was truly inspiring! It was great to see these students work together and challenge each other throughout some seriously close games!

The next day, I headed to John Henry Newman Primary Academy for another Games2Inspire event. The day also began with an assembly followed by inclusive sports sessions with students from Years 2 through 5, and half of Year 6. The remaining students were transitioning to their senior school, but those present participated enthusiastically! Throughout the day, the students showed genuine excitement about learning each inclusive sports game and it was a delight to visit the school.

A particularly special moment for me was at the end of the day when students recalled the key message from my assembly: “I can’t do it… yet!” This mantra encapsulates the growth mindset I aim to instill in all my school visits.

Special thanks to Molly Baldwin, our point of contact at St. Christopher’s and Tom Linden, our point of contact for John Henry Newman who ensured the days ran smoothly.

Both Games2Inspire events were a great start to a busy week in the Power2Inspire Summer calendar, and I look forward to being back at these schools in the future!

What are Games2Inspire?

Games2Inspire events are incredible events, most often hosted in schools, with an assembly and sports day which includes activities designed to be accessible and fun for everyone, with disabilities and none, sporty and not. Participants get to meet our inspirational founder, John Willis, and hear all about how John has overcome obstacles in his life. They then get to put that learning to practice by playing adapted games and sports together learning new skills and being encouraged to test their beliefs about ability and disability and what it is to be different, learning to respect other people’s differences. Power2Inspire works with them to challenge their assumptions of what they can and cannot do.

Inspired? Then Get Involved!

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John Willis

Founder & Chief Ambassador, Power2Inspire