Linton Heights Juniors live up to Power2Inspire's No. 1 Rule - to have FUN!

What a great way to spend a chilly January day – playing inclusive and adapted sports in the main hall at Linton Heights Junior School.  Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took it in turns to play New Age Kurling, Sitting Volleyball, Target Games and Sitting Netball. Judging by the noise, laughter and enthusiasm everyone had fun.

This was Power2Inspire’s second Games at the school, and it was lovely to see some friendly faces.  Mr James Puxley, the Head greeted us warmly; Lewis Russell, the new sports coordinator, was an enthusiastic leader of the Target Games, where the pupils learn to fire beanbags at a target on the floor, with many parts of their bodies; Dan Penfold, the former sports coordinator and now coach with Prestige Sports Development, grabbed New Age Kurling as he is a dab hand with the stones; and new (to us) coach Kyle, coped admirably with Sitting Volleyball on a stage!

That left me to supervise the new game of Sitting Netball.  Based loosely on the ambulant version, this requires players to keep their bottoms on the floor at all times, which is a challenge to many of the excitable boys! With only an exclusion zone around the low nets – which can be approached ice hockey style from all sides – scooting on one’s posterior keeps them busy.  I was intrigued to see the players working out that to be useful they needed to find space, so their team mates could pass to them – no coaching, they just learnt it.

Thank you Linton, and a special thanks to the kitchen staff who provided me with an excellent school dinner!

Linton Heights 2020