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A return to St Peter's Billericay for Games2Inspire

It was a joy to return to St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Billericay. The last visit had been in November 2021, so two years had passed.

Amazingly the Yr 5s and 6s remembered what my hook was for and other parts of my assembly talk. The younger ones – from Reception through Y4 – were intrigued, curious and particularly enthusiastic about the video when I was awarded the ITV Anglia West award for Regional Fundraiser of the Year as part of the Pride of Britain awards.

Sarah Bradbury, head of PE, was pleased, with the assembly, with the inclusive sports workshops with each of Ys 3 through to 6, and with the engagement of all the pupils throughout the day. It was great to see headteacher, Katherine Parker, who loves the learning from the day – seeing someone who has overcome barriers, how to be inclusive, learning about teamwork, communication (goalball is particularly good for this), and how sport can be fun.

We played sitting volleyball, sitting netball, goalball and new age kurling, each of which had its champions. I was thrilled to see the children getting very into sitting netball – the game I claim to have invented – as it uses lots of energy, especially through the core muscles. However, I did have to ‘threaten’ to fetch my (imaginary) glue-gun from the car, as so many, mostly boys, could not keep their bottoms touching the floor!

A quick thank you to the wonderful caretaker, Dave, who so willingly and helpfully emptied my car with all the kit, taking it into the main hall, and then reversing the effort at the end of the day.

I am very hopeful that St Peter’s spreads the word through the Trust of which they are part. And I look forward to returning next year!

What are Games2Inspire?

Games2Inspire events are incredible events, most often hosted in schools, with an assembly and sports day which includes activities designed to be accessible and fun for everyone, with disabilities and none, sporty and not. Participants get to meet our inspirational founder, John Willis, and hear all about how John has overcome obstacles in his life. They then get to put that learning to practice by playing adapted games and sports together learning new skills and being encouraged to test their beliefs about ability and disability and what it is to be different, learning to respect other people’s differences. Power2Inspire works with them to challenge their assumptions of what they can and cannot do.

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John Willis

Founder & Chief Ambassador, Power2Inspire