Cambridge University Rowing PowerHouse Games 2019

Power2Inspire was delighted to co-host the first ever Rowing Power House Games with the Cambridge University Women’s and Lightweights Rowing Clubs on Friday 27th September 2019.  It was a morning filled with smiles, laughter, cheering, and fun.

Held at the Cambridge University Sports Centre, and sponsored by Hill, we brought together athletes from the women’s and lightweights blues squads, students from King’s Ely, Ely College and Highfields Special School, Ely and a corporate volunteer from Hill. In teams of six, split up from friends and colleagues, all the participants were taken out of their comfort zone and encouraged to form a bond quickly.

“Inclusivity is central to our squad culture and it’s a great privilege to work with Power2Inspire.  We want to get more people involved with sport and seeing rowing as something they can do regardless of their background.  Sport has done so much for us and opened so many doors, we want to help extend that opportunity to all.  Engaging with the local community and having some fun while promoting healthy lifestyles is amazing.”
CULRC President, Teague Smith

This was the first time we had included rowing – in this case using rowing machines – in a University Power House Games, and it proved very popular, if quite tiring.  Rowing for a minute facing one’s opponent, proved a real stimulus to the participants, but the relay brought out the real competitive edge. Urged on by Hill’s very own cox, Emma Fletcher, each team member had to row for a minute before being unceremoniously removed and replaced with another team member.  The teams learnt quickly to have someone help with each shoe and the seat: the changeover became like F1 Pitstops and added to the spectacle!

“Hill have the core values of EPIC – Extraordinary, Proud, Innovative and Collaborative and the Power2Inspire event lived up to these and more! Team Hill were absolutely delighted to support this fantastic event and see the impact it had on all of the students. The transformation over the morning was amazing, the competitive spirit was strong and everyone, helpers included, left with huge smiles on their faces. Fantastic!”
Emma Fletcher, Hill

We are working on bringing all the participants back together to watch the Boat Races on Sunday 29th March 2020, to shout our new friends on to victory on the Thames and rekindle friendships built through sport.

If you, your school, club or university would be interested in a similar games day, please contact us to find out more.

”Thank you so much for including the club in the most incredible day last week.  I know all the students absolutely loved the event and felt inspired and invigorated by being involved with something that was fun and inclusive. Apparently they were playing the goalball when they were waiting for their next training session.”
Chair of the Cambridge University Women’s and Lightweight Rowing clubs, Siobhan Cassidy