What is a PowerHouseGames?

A PowerHouseGames, in a nutshell, is a multi-team event playing inclusive and adapted sports, usually for about 2-3 hours.

All the activities are especially designed to be accessible and fun for everyone, old and young, with disabilities and none, sporty and not – and in so doing are wonderfully inclusive.

The object of a PowerHouseGames is to play sport together in a way that encourages all from schools, universities, sports clubs, corporations and the local community to engage in inclusive sport.

Check out the amazing PowerHouseGames we ran recently at the Welford Road stadium in collaboration with the Leicester Tigers Foundation.

The PowerHouseGames are more than just playing games though: they challenge our assumptions about each other, they offer opportunities to interact with other members of the community we do not usually meet; they teach us about ourselves and others and they lift the spirits of all that participate.

How does a PowerHouseGames work?

We use a range of sports including sitting volleyball, new age kurling, visually impaired football, and boccia. We explain how the games came into being and how they allow everybody to be included in sport. We love hosting the games outside – in a MUGA or on a playground – but we also run PowerHouseGames in big sports centres and school halls.

Teams are made up of members from each of the University, the Sports Club, the Corporate, the SEN school, State School and Independent School. Everyone gets a brightly coloured T-Shirt and begins the games, getting to know one another, adapting the games to best include everyone and having LOTS of fun!

Everyone having fun at the PowerHouseGames

What are the PowerHouseGames outcomes?

Ultimately, a lot of smiling faces, as you have seen! But also a huge amount of learning for ALL participants. For each group there are specific outcomes to the event:

For university or sports club volunteers, the PowerHouseGames gives the chance to step outside their comfort zone, to grow leadership and teamwork skills, and to play a part in organising a special day for the children involved.

For school students, the PowerHouseGames is a chance to try something new, to meet new people, to stay active, and to learn about the benefits of inclusivity, with other children and adults they would not normally spend time with.

For corporate volunteers, the PowerHouseGames gives the chance to support a local inclusive event with university and school students, to practice leadership skills in a safe environment, to grow confidence in collaborating with people with disabilities in a team situation and to grow in collaboration, creativity, persuasion and adaptability.

"I felt a huge sense of gratitude to see the impact Power2Inspire has on school children and have gained so much confidence in my own communication and leadership skills too."Bethany Haran, President of Sports & Societies, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge “The students had the best time and couldn’t wait to share their day when we got back. They all had a brilliant time and it really exceeded their expectations… in a great way!”Kirsty Webb, teacher at Churchill SEN School “This was PEM’s fourth year and it was just as inspiring this year as the first year. The PowerHouseGames are a great demonstration as to how sport can create a level playing field and allow people to give back to the local community."James Burrett, Partner, PEM Accountants
Having fun at the inclusive PowerHouseGames

Inspired? Then Get Involved!

Would your university, sports club, or school love to be involved in a PowerHouseGames? Could your company support our mission by volunteering at one of our PowerHouseGames? If so, then we would love to hear from you.  Click the button here to contact us, and begin the journey of YOUR first PowerHouseGames!