PowerHouseGames are incredible sports days using adapted games and sports. All the activities are especially designed to be accessible and fun for everyone, old and young, with disabilities and none, sporty and not – and in so doing are wonderfully inclusive.

We use a range of sports including sitting volleyball, new age kurling, visually impaired football, and boccia. We explain how the games came into being and how they allow everybody to be included in sport. We love hosting the games outside – in a MUGA or on a playground – but we also run PowerHouseGames in big sports centres, school halls, and even community libraries!

Check out the impact a PowerHouseGames can make by watching the video of a Games we ran a few years ago with Active Essex.

Participants are encouraged to test their beliefs about ability and disability and what it is to be different, to learn to respect other people’s differences, and we work with them to challenge their assumptions of what they can and cannot do.  At the core of what we do is the Growth Mindset – learning, understanding and exploring how we can grow and improve.

At the same time, the participants benefit from the positive physical and social experience that we know sport can provide.  Importantly they have a lot of fun and so are inspired to try sport again.

PowerHouseGames are proven in so many different settings. We offer several different “models”, flexing the event to suit the groups involved and the space available.  You can see each model in more detail by clicking through below.


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We work with University Clubs and Societies to host PowerHouseGames. Click to see how it works

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Local clubs, library-based exercise sessions, PowerHouseGames are flexible enough for any community group!

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Please contact us to find out more and talk through how we can help you launch your very own PowerHouseGames!