On Friday 16 October 2020, twenty disabled and non-disabled people met at Cambridge Lakes Golf Course for a round of inclusive golf hosted by Power2Inspire, playing together and having fun.

Participants were allocated into teams, each including a disabled person, and set off around the course one team at a time. After everyone had finished their rounds, they reconvened for socially distanced sandwiches and snacks. Power2Inspire awarded the winners’ trophy to the ‘Below Par Triathletes’, captained by Don Hutchinson, and everyone received a medal.

Mark Thornton, who played with his daughter Becca and her two best friends, described the event perfectly: “Played golf, ate food, had fun!

The Festival of Inclusive Golf was created six years ago by Power2Inspire in partnership with Cambridge Lakes Golf Course,a beautiful course hidden behind the trees off the Trumpington Road. John Willis, founder and CEO of Power2Inspire, wanted to create a format where disabled and non-disabled golfers could play together while having fun.

The magic of the event is that it is both competitive and fun: Daniel King, who has Downs Syndrome, said “I was definitely pleased with my score”, and also really enjoyed seeing other people and making some new friends. Don, part of the winning team, said that “the atmosphere was super – fun, fun, fun!

The Festival celebrates that success can come in many different forms: from simply hitting the ball, to sinking a putt. John described his team’s excitement when they hit a particularly good shot: “we were running around like we had won the Open!

John was determined to put the Festival on this year, despite the extra restrictions needed due to Covid-19. “As so many people have been stuck at home during lockdown, it’s even more important for us to get out and play together.” The Festival’s success has motivated John to make next year’s event bigger and better than ever.

A huge thank you to Mick Shortland and Darren Fitzpatrick for their brilliant photos.

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Anna Willis

Freelance journalist and story teller; on Twitter @annawillis101