On Monday 21st September Power2Inspire ran their first ever Virtual PowerHouseGames – at The Perse School, Cambridge.

Due to Covid-19, Power2Inspire have had to be dynamic in their approach to delivering inclusive sports events. Following the success of the mch.london virtual boat race and the live, online seat-based exercise classes with Oak Activities, this was just another step in showing that there is no stopping our aim of embedding inclusive sport in school, university and community settings!

By working with The Perse, an always forward-thinking school, and driven by the excellent Millie Diss, the Year 9 Perse pupils had the chance to try inclusive sports when they took part in the first Virtual PHG. They sampled the Paralympic pursuits of goalball and sitting volleyball, guided by instructional videos made by CEO John Willis and Deputy CEO Alex Laybourne, whilst they also had a virtual assembly delivered by John prior to the event. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions John was unable to be at the event in person, however he did join in virtually via Zoom!

The Perse Charities Co-ordinator Millie Diss was pleased that their pupils had not missed out on sampling inclusive sports after the PowerHouseGames event they had been set to take part in was cancelled during lockdown. She said:

We thought it was such a shame that they couldn’t do it in Year 8, so we put it together virtually. There was a virtual assembly where they were introduced to the work of Power2Inspire, who then provided the equipment and the films for them to try the activities.

They absolutely loved it. They learned how much they had to communicate with goalball, where they had to wear blindfolds, and they really enjoyed trying sitting volleyball. It was a really successful day in raising awareness of the charity with Year 9.

Power2Inspire CEO John Willis added:

We were delighted to be able to run our first ever Virtual PowerHouseGames – it was a fantastic day with lots of fun had by all. The Perse staff and pupils were amazing, as always, and the day showed just how successful this virtual version of the PowerHouseGames model can be! We look forward to seeing this grow and continuing to embed inclusive sport.

If you are interested in hosting a virtual PowerHouseGames in your school / college / company / community group please click the button to get in touch