It was wonderful to be back in-person delivering a PowerHouseGames!

I started the day with an assembly for the whole of the Year 8s, a novelty for them too as they have had few assemblies all together this year.  Having detailed the purpose of the charity – to champion inclusion through sport – I explained the format of the day: six fabulous activities that each class would do in rotation. The selected games were Boccia, Sitting Volleyball, New Age Kurling, Goalball and Sitting Netball. The other activity was an Inclusive Kilometre, providing an opportunity for each class to raise funds for Power2Inspire.  All of these activities are designed to be inclusive and fun, a great way to learn that disabled people can join in sport too.

It was a hot day, the first really hot day of the summer (and it turned out to be the last of this sunny spell) so we were lucky.  Fortunately, some of the activities were inside the large sports hall and dance studio, all socially distanced, providing some protection against the sun!  New Age Kurling and Sitting Netball worked well in the large hall, with the New Age Kurling “rinks” growing in length as the participants learnt the skills required.

Goalball was in its own room, ideal for keeping the noise down.  Sitting Volleyball was moved to the shade of some trees as sitting still in the sun was uncomfortable – oh the English weather!  Boccia improved once the players moved their chairs to back onto the tennis net, as playing the other way round the balls ended up in the net or under it!

A key to these activities was the voluntary support from the Year 12 charity committee, whose members led each station, explaining the rules of each to the Year 8s.  A big thank you to the committee for their volunteering and their promotion of the charity.

The Inclusive Kilometre raised an amazing £1,811 and the students experienced walking while blindfolded and being guided – another great learning experience.

As well as having a fantastically fun day, an incredible £4,300 was raised for Power2Inspire to help us continue our mission to embed inclusive sport in the sporting, education and community landscapes.

A HUGE thank you to the Perse.  I am already looking forward to next year!

Charities Co-ordinator Emma Kenzie said:

“The Power House Games went really well. The sun was shining and pupils had a really enjoyable day. It’s really nice that John was here and that we were able to raise so much money for Power2Inspire.”

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John Willis

CEO & Founder, Power2Inspire