New Seat-Based Exercise Classes to Beat-the-Lockdown

With the support of the Cambridgeshire Community Coronavirus Fund and Living Sport’s Community Small Grant Fund we are delighted we are doing our bit to beat the virus!

Our partners, Oak Activities, with their fabulous coach, Lou, are leading three LIVE online classes daily every weekday for the next 12 weeks, aimed at helping those with limited mobility to stay active and healthy.

We are doing this in response to the libraries at March, Ramsey, and St Ives (all in Cambridgeshire) having had to close under the lockdown.

We understand the need in these difficult times, to maintain our fitness: not only do we all benefit from the strength and endurance gained, there are benefits to our mental health and to our resilience.

The classes will run every weekday at:

  • 9:30 am

  • 12 noon

  • 3:00pm

Each session will last 30 minutes.

Find out more by watching this short video:

The morning session will be for Beginners (and will be seated).

The lunchtime session will be an Intermediate class (seated and standing)

The afternoon session each day will be an Advanced class (seated and standing).

Participants can choose any (or even all) of the sessions: we advise they build it into their daily routine to develop an exercise habit.

We do ask participants to take responsibility for their own health: to reduce and avoid injury, participants will need to check with their doctor before beginning any fitness program, and doing these exercise classes will be at your/their own risk. Thanks for your understanding.

To head direct to the Keep Active with Oaks Facebook Live page, where the sessions will stream at the appropriate times, click this button

Monday to Friday




30 minute sessions

If you do not use Facebook or would like a recorded version, please click one of these buttons for a YouTube version.