As Power2Inspire’s copy writer/storyteller/content creator, I’m currently spending a lot of time at my desk. My desk, whilst in my room (downside) and underneath my mum’s office (very loud) and above my dad’s office (also very loud), has one big benefit: I have a great view. My desk is up against the window, and I look out onto our garden and lots of green fields. It’s lovely, and has been very inspiring and calming over the last 12 months.

My view has been skewered recently by an unusual but amusing sight: Power2Inspire’s own John Willis walking (or waddling) up and down the garden path. He does this twenty times.

I know because I count.

Every day.

He is, of course, doing Power2Inspire’s Run Everyone Challenge, which encourages everyone to walk, run, wheel or, dare I say it, waddle, as far or as little as you wish, over the course of the month of March.

Eight days into the challenge, John’s getting competitive with himself. I’ve noticed (from the particularly good angle I have of the far end of the garden path) a very determined cornering around the garden furniture: it reminds me, strangely, of a very slow horse race.

Attention to detail has also ramped up over the last few days. Not content with the original measuring of the garden path to meet his 900 metres a day target – to complete a half marathon over the month! – John’s now had our gardener pace out the path (now 888 or so metres – though he’s still not convinced, and is threatening to measure the gardener’s stride just to be sure).

And of course, Strava. Strava is a great fitness app for measuring your distance when going for a run, a bike ride or a walk. It’s also a great way for everyone doing Run Everyone to track and upload their progress through the challenge. It can become a bit addictive though, trying to track down to the metre (or centimetre) just how far you’ve gone. And for John, this is proving a bit difficult, because Strava doesn’t seem to like John’s walks up and down the garden path. The distances he gets every day are completely different, and the maps of them are hilarious.

This first map is pleasingly random, like a scribble: but very unlike the straight up and down path that John’s walking.

And then we have this: which seems to show John walking a rather different route (though I like the triangulation of this pattern, which seems more original than the round scribble above).

So: what to learn from this? For me, it’s a great excuse to remember Power2Inspire’s number one rule: have fun! There’s a limit to how important accuracy to two decimal places can be.

Also, take inspiration from everywhere: John, marching up and down the garden path (a good reminder for me to get outside and into the fresh air); or even from out of your window, watching your dad’s head bob into and out of view (he really needs a haircut).

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Anna Willis

Freelance journalist and story teller; on Twitter @annawillis101