Power2Inspire is delighted to have been chosen as a local partner for the Cambridge Half Marathon 2021.

This week the CHM organisers announced that due to the pandemic the race has been postponed to Sunday 17 October 2021. It will make up a Cambridge running weekend, joining the annual Town & Gown event being held on the Saturday.

Very excitingly for Power2Inspire, we can offer discounted charity spaces for the October race. We will also have spaces for a virtual event they’re planning for March 2021. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated.

I spoke to Julie Kervadec, a friend of Power2Inspire who ran in the Cambridge Half Marathon in 2018. She told me about her innovative fundraising, and why everyone should sign up for these exciting events to support Power2Inspire.

Anna Willis: Why did you choose to support Power2Inspire when you ran the Cambridge Half Marathon in 2018?

Julie Kervadec: I came to Cambridge to start my own business and was working at the Future Business Centre where I met John, and was really inspired by him. Power2Inspire had got some special charity spaces for the Cambridge Half Marathon and offered one to me, and I took it!

How did you decide to fundraise for Power2Inspire before the race?

I’m from France, Brittany to be exact, and one of our specialities is crepes! I thought I needed something that most people will like but is also easy enough for me to make a big batch of. Crepes are still a bit unusual in Cambridge but very popular.

I spent a whole evening cooking them all, with the help of my partner. I underestimated the time it would take; it took until 2am with my partner’s help to cook all the crepes.

But it was really successful and I sold all of them – I wish I’d made more!

So you sold the crepes at the Future Business Centre?

Yes, I even got agreement from the Future Business Centre for me to sell them: I was competing a bit with their own cafeteria, as I was just in front of it with my stall.

I also got help from John and from Anne [Power2Inspire’s former PA] who was helping me with the cash. I also had a friend who had come over from Brittany to help me with my business, so I told him I had a special mission and got some extra hands on that day!

How much did you raise?

I don’t quite remember, but I think the goal was £200, ideally £250 and I think I reached the goal. I was selling each crepe for around £3.

Why should people sign up to run in either event?

I think that especially in these really weird and tough times, we all realise that, whatever our health, it’s very important to be able to move, to be able to get out of the house.

I’m coming back from France and have to quarantine, so I’m not able to go for a run or even a walk, and it makes me think that for people who have any sort of disability, it’s their life, they have these limitations all the time.

We should all appreciate the difficulty that some people might encounter to do anything, especially the things that sound easy to us. Now, more than ever we are actually limited in those things that previously seemed easy to us too.

Why should people support Power2Inspire?

Through my work, I’m in touch with different charities and I know that the charity sector, and all the people who are doing good for others, is suffering from not getting the right levels of funds right now. And right now, their work is needed more than ever.

And so, if anyone has the ability to help a charity through such positive events as the half-marathon and virtual run, I think that’s great because they’re doing good for themselves and for others.

Inspired? Then Get Involved!

If you would like to pre-register your interest for the Cambridge Half Marathon 2021 with Power2Inspire please send us your email address. We will then get in touch with more details.

Anna Willis

Freelance journalist and story teller; on Twitter @annawillis101