We are passionate about offering everyone the chance to play sport. And to play that sport together. Our particular focus is to see that vision brought to reality for disabled people. We have identified the need from numerous research papers but particularly from Activity Alliance.  They report:

  • 1 in 5 people in England have an impairment, so there about 9.4 million disabled people
  • 7 out of 10 disabled people want to be more active – c. 6.5 million disabled people
  • Psychological barriers play the biggest role in preventing disabled people from taking part in sport.
  • Just over half of non-disabled adults – c. 27 million people – report facing a barrier to sport.

All our work, and particularly our PowerHouse Games and Festivals, are designed to challenge these very issues by offering inclusive and adapted sports.

This has been understood perfectly by a young school student at our very first PowerHouse Games who declared that “Power2Inspire’s number 1 rule is to have FUN!”

So, how are we going to achieve our mission week in, week out?

We have set ourselves objectives to keep us focused on delivering that mission. We will:

  • Expand the delivery of our “PowerHouse Games” - balancing quantity, quality, financial sustainability and impact;
  • Organise, partner in the delivery of, and host Inclusive Sports Festivals – where there is a demand and no (or little) supply;
  • Encourage more communities to host our Super Sensory 1Ks;
  • Promote the benefits of inclusive sport and encourage the public to try out adapted and inclusive sports.