Back at the beginning of October our CEO John Willis returned to Quilters Junior School in Billericay, Essex for their 3rd Annual Paralympic Week! You can read all about their amazing week by clicking the image.

We just heard back from a parent of one of the young children who took part in the Paralympic Week, and wanted to share their story. At Power2Inspire, we want to inspire those around us through the power of sport – creating a society where nobody is left on the bench. Stories like this make it all worthwhile! 

Hi John, 

My son Zach came home on Monday very excited about his day.  He said he’d learnt new games and you have the same car as us (but better and red!)

As the week went on, he’d been chatting about the different activities, and when I took part in the Year 5 day myself, I was able to ask better questions! 

He lit up when I mentioned sitting down netball, he said it was the best game ever.  His younger sister Zara asked how you play it, and he eagerly told her.  We set up a little court at home and they played for half an hour.  

He’s since asked if they might play it at school again soon!  

It’s been lovely to meet you! 

Best wishes,

Zoe Howe

And it looks like Zach wasn’t the only one inspired!

Check out this fantastic video from two of the teachers at Quilters who invited all 60 of the children involved in Paralympic week to write down some of the ways in which John had inspired them.

Thank you to Miss Theobald and Miss Murray for sharing.