What is the 108 Challenge?

Building from July 2023, the 108 Challenge is our new and exciting fundraiser!

It was anchored by our headline event when Charity Founder and Chief Ambassador, John Willis, who was born without fully formed arms and legs, took to the River Thames to embark on a 108-mile kayak paddle from Cricklade to Eton!!

John was joined in his 108 team kayak by members of the community, fundraisers, celebrities and sports stars to help him on his journey kayaking along the River Thames and raising vital funds for the charity.

Alongside this event we have also been inviting companies, schools, universities, charities, care homes and the public to get involved by taking part in their own “#108Challenge”.

Watch Founder and Chief Ambassador, John Willis, explain all about the 108 Challenge

“When I was a child my mother used to inspire me by telling me ‘I can do anything’. I’ve adapted this and my mantra has become ‘I can’t do it… yet’. This is something that has always driven me to take on challenges some may feel are impossible. I didn’t have role models when I was young, so I’m keen to make sure that I inspire others to believe anything is possible.

“It was an absolutely incredible experience to celebrate our charity’s 10th anniversary by paddling 108 miles across the country using an adapted paddle.

“I’d like to thank our wonderful volunteers who helped me on the journey and kept my spirits high until the very end.

“I was joined by some wonderful people, including flotillas from various canoe and paddling clubs across the route – their support was immeasurable.

“I can’t say it was an easy challenge – far from it. There were sections where I wasn’t sure I could physically continue – but with our wonderful volunteers boosting my morale – I made it, and I’m extremely proud.

“Not only are we aiming to raise vital funds to ensure we can continue to deliver inclusive and accessible sports events across the country, we’re also hoping to raise awareness of inclusion in sport.

“I set up Power2Inspire 10 years ago because when I was a child I was excluded from sport. I’ve made it my mission ever since to ensure no-one, no matter their ability, age, ethnicity, gender or race, is left on the bench like I was.

“Your donations will help us to continue inspiring people across the country to access inclusive sport.”

John Willis, Founder and Chief Ambassador

How can we do our own 108 Challenge?

John’s challenge formed part of our wider ‘108 Challenge’ campaign, where we have been asking schools, businesses, universities, charities and the community to take part in a 108 Challenge of their own to help raise funds for our charity.

You could get sponsored to:

  • cycle 108km
  • swim 108 lengths
  • read 108 pages of a book
  • do 108 press-ups or star jumps
  • bake 108 cakes
  • play 108 board games
  • flip 108 pancakes

I’m sure you can think of your own brilliant 108 Challenges! Choose your challenge, start raising money and plan to complete it soon as we all come together for the Power2Inspire 108 Challenge!

Ready to donate?

We are SO grateful for all the fundraising that is going on with the 108 Challenge. Your donations make a MASSIVE difference to people’s lives through Power2Inspire’s vision to ensure “no one is left on the bench!” THANK YOU!

If you’d like to donate NOW to the 108 Challenge click through to JustGiving by pressing the button here:

Thank you!

We are hugely grateful to our partner organisations who have made this amazing endeavour possible.