Fun for the Young - inclusive sports workshops at Alexandra Infants School

The young pupils at Alexandra Infants School in Beckenham, South London, had a fun morning playing inclusive sports.

I was invited to talk to this lovely small school by a parent of a boy with a partially formed hand and was welcomed by the excellent Deputy Head Maria Cenayko.

The assembly was very well received, the pupils sitting remarkably still and giggling at all the right bits. I was particularly pleased that one of the pupils with autism – the school has two classes in their “Autistic Specialist Provision” – worked out what I use my hook for!  A very well deserved round of applause.

Each class of 30 had 30 minutes playing inclusive games with me.  Their class teachers and teaching assistants helped out, so we could have three stations on rotation: new age kurling, target games and sitting netball.  All were enjoyed, confirmed by the noise levels!

I learned that sitting netball needed to be made a collaborative rather than competitive game.  The whole group had to get the ball from one low level basket to another.  As the person with the ball couldn’t move that required the others to scoot or shuffle on their bottoms along the path and taught them to pass and move.  To make it more complicated, I then insisted that everyone in the group had to touch the ball before a basket could be scored.  They had to collaborate and include.

The two hours flew past. Great fun was had by all and I look forward to visiting again.