Leadership training: Hinchingbrooke and Godmanchester schools

Sixteen sports leaders from Year 9 of Hinchingbrooke School, Huntingdon, had real fun while learning on Friday 22 November.  They learned through play 5 new sports in the morning and then led a Power House Games for 60 Year 5s from Godmanchester Community Academy in the afternoon.

“No one was left on the bench” and rule No. 1 was joyously observed – Everyone had FUN!

All 5 sports – boccia, new age kurling, sitting volleyball, goalball and sitting netball – had their champions; they were all popular.

The sports leaders learnt these new games in the morning, helping to refine the rules of a new game, sitting netball, designed by Power2Inspire’s founder John Willis.  And then in the afternoon, in teams of 3 they had to lead a group of 12 youngsters through a carousel of all 5 sports.

For the sitting netball they added an exclusion zone around the low hoops, so “dunking” was not possible and imposed a 3-second limit to holding on to the ball.  This was possibly the most popular activity in the afternoon.  Godmanchester’s PE co-ordinator suggested for their end of term sporting challenge they would use this as it was good for everyone.

The smiles and laughter were infectious.  Despite a tight area, we were able to flex the games to fit the space and there was lots of cheering and encouragement.

If your school’s sports leaders or ambassadors (sporting knowledge or ability is definitely not required) would like to experience “Fun while Learning” please get in touch by clicking here.

We have put together a selection of photos showing the fun of the day.  The first batch show the Hinchingbrooke Sports Leaders learning the games by doing!  The best way as far as we are concerned.  And the second batch shows what happened when Godmancherster Community Primary School came along to play these games.  Look out for “sitting netball” a new game using bottoms and a low hoop!

The Sports Leaders were asked what they had learned:

“That you can change the rules so everyone can play and anyone whether they are disabled or not can play these sports.”

“That anyone can play these sports and have lots of fun!”

“How to include people that aren’t as confident. Also different types of sports that are way more inclusive.”

“How to coach younger kids. How to treat the younger kids. How to create a fair game.”

“How to interact with younger and different people. Help them out with stuff they’ve wanted to do.”