Sam Butler, Year 3 teacher at Duxford Primary School, found Power2Inspire off the internet and has been thrilled with his choice.

We delivered a whole school assembly and a PowerHouseGames for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 on Friday 15th October.  The whole school assembly was new to me in that I had never delivered a ‘hybrid’ version before.  This meant that the Year 3s were in the hall and the rest of the school were watching through the camera on Mr Butler’s laptop.  It took Patrick Gosling (my wonderful assistant and Power2Inspire volunteer) and I a few moments to co-ordinate the change in slides so the classes in and out of the hall were able to follow along simultaneously, but we pride ourselves at being flexible and we learnt quickly.

The pupils loved learning about my life, the challenges I have faced and overcome, and the gadgets – particularly my car – that empower my life.  They also loved the short version of the Road2Rio video, as it highlights riding and diving.  They were quick to catch on to my main lessons:

  • Practice makes progress
  • Never give up
  • Have one more go; and
  • I can’t do it…. YET!

Flexing to the school timetable we had four sessions through the day, just under an hour for each one-class year group.  We played in three separate groups – goalball (a blindfold-wearing Paralympic sport), new age kurling (a non-ice version of curling), sitting netball to build core muscles and learn about space and, as a whole-class activity, sitting volleyball.  There were a few SEN pupils with one-to-one support through the school and we were delighted to include them in our games, developing confidence and good behaviour in ways that delighted the teaching staff.

The feedback has been awesome. One teacher described the day to another as the best external provider day he had ever experienced.  Sam Butler said:

“It was a real success! A lot of the behaviours we have been working on have been learnt; such as how we talk to each other and respect other people’s feelings. These were seen and reinforced incredibly well today. I recommend this to all schools! My children (the Year 3 class) have not stopped talking about the mottos they learnt – they used them throughout the day.”

Patrick and I had a great day at this small rural school. It is wonderful to reflect at the end of the day that ‘No one was left on the bench!’

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John Willis

CEO & Founder, Power2Inspire