On New Year’s Eve, we received a surprise email from Theresa at Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club, saying that the club had raised £250 for us!

The members, led by Theresa, had organised an international tennis tournament, as Cambridge LTC was home to such a wide range of nationalities. The first festival was to be between Italy and Great Britain. Each participating country paid an entry fee, and the winning team would choose the charity the money would be donated to; the GB team chose us, which was fantastic of them.

Unfortunately, the tournament has had to be postponed until the summer of 2021, but Theresa and the GB team were keen to donate something to us anyway. They kindly donated £250 that had been raised from previous tournaments played during 2020.

We’re really grateful to Theresa and the whole of the Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club for their generosity and creativity in raising money for us. Fundraising is essential in helping us do the work we do.

Tennis is also a fantastic inclusive sport as John rediscovered once again at the Bright Ideas for Tennis Inclusion Exhibition recently. You can read more about it by clicking the banner!

But back to fundraising!!!

Inspired by CLTC, here are seven ideas for fun ways to fundraise for us in the future (try saying THAT fast!). There are a mix of Covid-19 safe and post-vaccine activities here but we would also love you to suggest your own by tagging us on Twitter and Facebook.

1. The Tournament Fundraiser

As demonstrated by Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club. Your tournament can be whatever you’d like, from a round robin tennis series to challenging the departments at your workplace to a football tournament. By charging a small fee for entry, you can raise money for charity while having great fun with your teammates.

2. Doing a sponsored activity or challenge

This could be like the Run Everyone event that Cambridge Half Marathon and Power2Inspire are putting on together in March, where we’ll do the half-marathon distance spread out over 31 days: 700 meters a day. At its most basic though, you could do anything that will challenge you, and ask your family and friends to sponsor you to do it. It could be a sponsored walk, run, wheel, or cycle ride (or something else – get creative!)

3. Host a bake sale

Everyone loves cake! It’s a great way to get people involved, by asking them to bake their own favourite sweet treats, and a good way to socialise for a good cause. You could even make it personal, like Julie, who looked to her French roots and sold crepes to raise money for us.

4. Host a sporting sweepstakes

Choose a sports event, from the Premier League to the Tokyo Olympics (fingers crossed!) Everyone pays a small entry fee to place their bets on who will win. You could encourage family, friends, and colleagues to join you, or just to make a donation. Watch the tournament or match or whatever you’ve decided to bet on, maybe all together, or live streamed and have a party! The winner could get a prize, and the money raised from entries will be donated to charity.

5. Participate in a local sporting event

We’ve already mentioned Run Everyone in March, but we’re also partnering with the Cambridge Half Marathon itself, which will go ahead in October. If you’re a budding runner, why not push yourself and start training now? If you want to enter and fundraise for us, get in touch: we might be able to secure you a place. Click the image to find out more…

6. Learn something new

This could be anything from playing the piano to watercolouring to yoga. Give yourself a goal and a time limit and work towards it. Ask friends and family to sponsor you for charity at the same time! Youtube is a fantastic resource for learning new skills, as is Skillshare. Share your progress on social media to keep your supporters up to date, and don’t forget to tag us too!

7. Ask your employer to match your fundraising efforts!

This immediately doubles your contribution! But it’s a great way to get your workplace involved with your fundraising efforts, for them to help support you, and to spread the word about Power2Inspire.

Inspired? Then Get Involved!

These are just a few ideas for how to fundraise for us; there are plenty more out there! The more fun and enjoyable for you and your supporters, the better.

If you would like to help us continue inspiring thousands of people with inclusive sport then we would love to hear from you. We are always looking out for people willing to fundraise for Power2Inspire – we have loads of spaces at events you can run in to raise funds for us, or through your own inspiring means.

We’re so grateful to everyone who wants to fundraise for us: most important is Power2Inspire’s number 1 rule: have fun!

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Anna Willis

Freelance journalist and story teller; on Twitter @annawillis101